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Patron Rules and Regulations


  1. All residents and taxpayers of the Town of Millinocket may obtain a library card without charge. The card is valid

      for five (5) years and we can laminate it for a fee of one dollar ($100). Card replacements and renewals have a

      five dollar ($5.00) fee.

   2. Children residing in Millinocket can obtain a juvenile card, which a parent or guardian needs to sign. When children

      reach the age of 13 they can apply for an adult card.

   3. Non-residents may obtain a card for a fee of $25.00 per-year. Other family members may obtain individual cards

      for an additional fee of $1.00. Seasonal (Summer) residents can obtain a card for a fee of $12.50. These

      cards are valid for six months from date of issue.

   4. To check out materials, you must present a valid library card. All books, CD's, audios and pamphlets circulate for

      three (3) weeks. Videos, DVD's, magazines and older encyclopedias circulate for one (1) week. There is a limit on

      some items borrowed:

      Adults: 7 magazines, 4 videos or 4 DVD's and no limit on books.

      Children: 4 books, 1 magazine, 1 audio, 1 video or 1 DVD if no parent is present.  

      A parent can decide how many books their child can borrow.

      You may place older material on extended loan during the summer months only;                      the due date is October 1.

   5. You may reserve any item, in circulation at any time, by filling out a reserve card. Some titles are very popular,     

      especially the best-sellers and the waiting list can be very long. We advise that if you need to reserve material,

      please do so as early as possible.

   6. Renewals for all items except videos, DVD's, magazines and reserved titles may be made via the Internet or by

      telephone. Please have author, title and due date information ready when you call.


         Phone or fax: (207) 723-7020

   7. Overdue fines are twenty cents ($.20) per day when the library is open. Fines for overdue videos and DVD's are one

      dollar ($1.00) per day. Maximum fines are as follows:

         Video and DVD -$5.00

         Book, audio and CD -$3.00

         Magazine, paperback or juvenile title -$3.00

   8. Patrons who have overdue items are notified by phone when the material has been overdue for one (1) week.    

      After five (5) weeks, we bill for replacement costs and fines. We suspend borrowing privileges until you return or

      account for the materials.

   9. A book drop is available when the library is closed. It is located to the left of the front door. We would appreciate

      audios, videos, CD's and DVD's not being placed in the drop during open hours.

   10.  Photocopies and computer printouts are available for:

         Photocopies are fifty cents ($.50) a page.

         Computer printouts are fifty cents ($.50) per page for black and white and 

          one dollar ($1.00) per page for color.

 11.    Fax messages can be sent and received. Our fax number is (207) 723-7020. There is a two dollar 

        ($2.00) fee for the first page and one dollar ($1.00) for each additional page.

 12.  Items not available at our library can be obtained through the Interlibrary Loan service. There is a

       $1.50 fee to cover the costs of shipping and handling. Requests can also be made at the library's web site.

 13.  We welcome comments or suggestions; there is a suggestion box at the circulation desk.

  14.  Donations, including memorial donations, can be made by contacting the library director.


Library Hours





Millinocket Memorial Library

5 Maine Avenue

Millinocket , Maine 04462

Phone & Fax (207) 723-7020

Lori Fitzgerald, Director